His revelation resulted in support

His revelation resulted in support, but also disbelief, with the incredulity being spearheaded by another famous man. “Shia LaBeouf’s claim to have been ‘raped’ is truly pathetic & demeans real rape victims,” British television personality Piers Morgan tweeted. “Grow up, you silly little man…A Hollywood actor sitting with a paper bag over his head who did nothing as he claims a woman ‘raped’ him has not been raped.”

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Joseph Snook, an investigator with the U.S. Observer who helps vindicate people who are wrongly charged, tells Yahoo Style that male rape cases are rarely prosecuted because the police and attorneys don’t think they can get a conviction. “It’s not about justice,” he says. “It’s about winning the case. Society doesn’t see men as targets. There’s the idea of the alpha male, of ‘you can protect yourself.’ Rape isn’t perceived as possible.”

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Women have been more understanding of the actor. On female-centered website Jezebel.com, writer Madeleine Davies called Morgan a “dick bucket” while Patti Greco on Cosmopolitan.com wrote, “Many of Morgan’s followers called him out for victim-shaming — which is indeed what he was doing.”

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LaBeouf revealed the rape in an email interview with Dazed, when asked if there had been any “unsettling” moments during #IAMSORRY. “One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me…,” LaBeouf wrote. “There were hundreds of people in line when she walked out with disheveled hair and smudged lipstick.”

In response to Morgan’s tweets doubting the rape, the two artists who collaborated with LaBeouf on the project, Luke Turner and Nastja Sade Ronkko, confirmed that it did happen. “As soon as we were aware of the incident starting to occur, we put a stop to it and ensured that the woman left,” Turner tweeted. welcome to my website: m-shoesbox

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Nearly half of Texas households, 49.8 percent

Nearly half of Texas households, 49.8 percent, lack a cash cushion that can keep them at the poverty level for three months in the event they lost their income, according to the Corporation for Enterprise Development. Also, 12.8 percent are unbanked, meaning that they don’t have either a checking or savings account. Another 27.2 percent are “underbanked,” meaning that they may have a bank account but also use wallet-busting alternative banking methods like payday lenders. As a point of reference, 8.2 percent of households nationally are unbanked and 20.1 are underbanked.Laissez les bon temps rouler? About half of Louisiana households (49.9 percent) are ill prepared for a financial shock that could bring those good times to an end, according to CFED, while 11.5 percent are unbanked and 27.2 percent are underbanked.

Half of Tennessee households are liquid asset poor, while 10.9 percent are unbanked and 18.1 percent are underbanked.A financial shock like the loss of a job or a medical emergency would leave 51.5 percent of North Carolina households without enough resources to cover basic expenses, according to the CFED Assets and Opportunity Scorecard. The report also says 9.3 percent of households in the state are unbanked, and 21.7 percent are underbanked.

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The site also sells Nike Air Force One shoes

When it comes to sports apparel, Nike air max uk is probably the most well-known all throughout the world. The reason why sports clothing and shoes from this brand are very popular is mostly due to the fact that Nike is considered as one of the top brands. Second, these products are fashionable and trendy. Third, the shoes and apparel from Nike offer so much comfort which is lacking in the product line of some brands. Perhaps the most recognized and sought-after products of cheap nike air max are its shoes, specifically Nike men’s shoes. All over the world, men opt for this brand whenever they want to buy themselves a pair of footwear.
Whether you opt for ordinary pairs of Nike shoes or you go for the most expensive shoes from this brand, you are guaranteed of pure comfort. Even the most typical pair lessens the hard force of each downward impact while running or walking. If your shoes do not have enough protection, the hard impact that the feet is receiving can lead to damage. In order to prohibit further damage to the feet of the athletes, Nike has come up with an innovative system for feet cushioning. The makers of nike free running shoes specially designed footwear which cushions and offers utmost protection from the brutal impact of running.

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You need to check the comfort level offered by your shoes while running

There are several factors to be considered before you buy womens mens nike air max shoes as per your requirement. You need to check the comfort level offered by your shoes while running. Go through the overall design and stitching. Look at the style factor that includes size, shape and color combination.
Technology: Nike air max 2014 shoes are unique and different from other models of women’s shoes as they are provided with the Shox technology. The springs in the rear side play a major role in offering you convenience while you jump, run or walk. Hence, you can use this technology to personal requirements.
Design: Before buying shoes for these shoes, women should look for a comprehensive design. An ideal way is to check your cheap nike air max shoes by wearing them and feel how comfortable your feet are. Though some models appear good, they won’t offer enough movement to your legs due to design constraints.

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There are also jerseys, such as nike nfl

Devoted to making shipping safer, faster and easier for both suppliers and buyers. For big orders it is promised by the supplier that the products will arrive within three days upon payment confirmation. Before the transaction, you have to confirm with the supplier on stock availability and the correct date of dispatch. There are various kinds of such jerseys like youth jerseys, women forms of such categories. There are also jerseys, such as nike nfl, NBA jerseys and NHL jerseys. Do not be hesitate get your cheap NFL jerseys at wholesale price at any reliable site.  The actual Cheap NFL Jerseys are associated with these days tend to be suit an issue connected with genuine enjoyment and it is the only cause these people market such as warm cakes, particularly throughout the golf ball period.

Enthusiasts visit any kind such convenient websites as it pertains accumulating golf ball collectibles because it can make all of them nearer a common characters.

Purchasing these types of nfl shirts are extremely essential for the genuine enthusiasts since it is among the most noteworthy methods by which these people give support for their preferred group. Enthusiasts think that to display commitment they need to put on the actual NFL Jerseys, particularly when a game title is actually performed. You are able to purchase this online, so that your repayment as well as shipping is going to be safe sufficient.  Whenever you want to buy NFL jerseys you will get the actual genuine NFL Jerseys be found in a less expensive price as well should you purchase on their behalf once the shop provides great discount rates.  They are replications from the unique NFL Jerseys, but nonetheless made from outstanding high value supplies. You can choose those selected brands from New England Patriots, Carolina Panthers or nfl shop Detroit Lions. Actually the genuine issue of enjoyment and involvement and loyalty to a particular team all are associated with such jerseys.  These outfits are the means to exhibit your enthusiasm to any extent. There are many online options to buy these types of jerseys and compared to land based outlets you get much more discounts in case you avail online advantage. It is really fine to mix your sports feelings with suitably designed costumes.

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The Toms shoes should be mounted tightly

Everyone has difficulty finding the best way to set up their first drum kit. The first thing done wrong in setting up a drum set is having the drum kit in front of you as opposed to positioning yourself in front of the drum kit in a comfortable fashion. Make sure that your throne is correctly positioned, along with all of your drums and cymbals.
You also need to consider what type of music you are going to play. If you are playing rock music, you should keep your hi-hat in the best natural position. If you are going to play blues or jazz, you should keep the ride cymbal in the best natural position.
Whenever you feel like you’ve set up your drums to the best of your abilities, try this: put down the sticks and you should be able to touch every single piece on the kit with your hand.
There isn’t necessarily a perfect way to set up your drum kit but in order to reach your full playing potential you should follow the simple steps outlined below.
1. The drum throne height should be adjusted so that there’s a bend in your knees of no more than 90 degrees. Sit up straight & as far forward on the stool as possible in order to improve power to your feet, which will help project your energy forward.
2. The bass drum should have its legs extended so that it sits securely on the ground. Position the kick drum pedal onto the bass drum so that it doesn’t force your legs & feet into any uncomfortable positions.
3. Place the snare drum & stand between your legs at about waist level. The snare drum can be set up flat or at an angle, whichever is more comfortable.
4. The Toms shoes should be mounted tightly so they don’t move when they are being played. They should be positioned around the snare drum so that they are easy to hit without having to strain.
5. The ride cymbal & hi-hats should be adjusted so that there is plenty of clearance over the toms & the snare drum. The hi-hat is placed next to the snare drum, the ride cymbal is placed next to the floor tom & any crash cymbals should be placed in front of the kit itself. Once all the cymbals are arranged correctly, they can then be situated to your preference.

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The Nike Air Max+ 2013 gets downright sexy

The Nike Air Max+ 2013 gets downright sexy with help of a few premium materials. Nike Sportswear’s “White Label” Pack includes the all new Nike Air Max Motion NSW SP in two colorways including black and blue. The spiny flywires are hidden behind perforated leather paneling that covers the entire upper in style. These will only be available at select Nike retailers so stay tuned for release info.

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The Nike Air Max 1 gets a great colorway for ladies

The Nike Air Max 1 gets a great colorway for ladies and kids as the “Sport Turquoise” gets ready to release March 20th. The GS Air Max 1 makes use of stadium grey and cool grey on top of a black base while using Sport Turquoise accents on the outsole, Nike swoosh, and lace holes. These Nike Air Max 1 GS “Sport Turquoise” will be dropping sooner than you think so be sure to keep that calendar marked for March 20th.

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NFL training camps are opening across the country

NFL training camps are opening across the country, and team executives are hoping that all of their expensive draft picks, free agents and returning veterans will come together to pick up hockey jerseys wins on the field. But while many teams spend big in search of a trip to the postseason, some are decidedly better at turning their money into on-field success.

To find the best and worst teams for the money, we compared each team’s player cost-to-win ratio to the league average over five seasons from 2007 through 2011; we are still crunching the numbers on last season’s data, which will be released in a few weeks with our annual package on the business of the nfl jerseys (last year’s package can be found here).

Player costs include salaries, benefits and bonuses, and we weigh playoff victories twice as heavily as regular season wins. Each team’s final score represents how much better or worse it performed compared to the average team. A score of 120 means the team outperformed the league average by 20% in terms of nfl jerseys uk won per payroll dollar spent; a score of 80 represents cost efficiency 20% worse than the average team.

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Coach Mike McCoy told Around The League earlier this month

Coach Mike McCoy told Around The League earlier this month that he expects Ryan Mathews to have a great year and “be the guy” in the San Diego Chargers’ backfield this season.

At the very least, McCoy is ensuring that nfl jerseys uk earns the lead-back role through competition. Last season’s starter has been rotating with the first and second teams early in training camp.McCoy explained to Alex Marvez of FOXSports.com that he plans to “play the hot hand,” allowing his starter to “tap out for a play or two” if a breather is needed.

“I’ve been raised with (Denver Broncos hed coach) John Fox in this league,” McCoy explained. “We always played with a couple of backs. It doesn’t matter who’s in there. Keep them fresh.”Too much has been made of McCoy’s comments in fantasy football circles. Fox employed a timeshare between cheap football shirts and Jonathan Stewart with the Carolina Panthers because the talent called for it, but he’s also shown no hesitation to saddle up Stephen Davis or Willis McGahee as a workhorse.Sure, Danny Woodhead will play on third downs and in the two-minute drill because he’s simply better than Mathews in obvious passing situations. But it’s way too early for hand-wringing over a few second-team reps less than two weeks after McCoy made it clear that he views Mathews as his best runner.

Mathews still is just 26 years old and boasts fresh legs, having never carried the ball more than 222 times in a season. His 2011 game film was as impressive as last mlb jersey uk was underwhelming after missing the majority of August and September. With health as the obvious caveat, Mathews remains a prime candidate for a bounce-back season.

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